German teen accused of sexual abuse to remain in custody in Turkey

A Turkish court ruled Wednesday that a German teenager accused of sexually abusing a girl must remain in custody until his trial resumes on Sept. 6, a news agency reported.

The defendant - identified only with his initials because he is a minor - is on trial over allegations that he sexually abused a 13-year-old British girl when they were both on vacation in a resort town in south Turkey.

The Anatolia news agency reported the boy would remain in prison until the next trial, which was set for Sept. 6, but did not say why. Lawyers for the boy and the girl's family were not immediately available for comment.

Journalists were not allowed into the courtroom, because of a news blackout order by the courts. It is not unusual for courts to ban journalists from trials involving youths.

State-run media reported last month that the teen could be extradited to his home country to serve time in prison if found guilty.