Lindsay Lohan's dad drops request to have estranged wife tested for drugs

Lindsay Lohan's father made a peace offering Monday to his estranged wife, withdrawing a request to have the troubled actress' mother tested for drugs.

Michael Lohan previously had suggested that Dina Lohan's drinking and his own drug use may have contributed to the substance abuse problems currently plaguing their daughter, the star of "Mean Girls" and other movies.

Last week, Lindsay Lohan, 21, was arrested for investigation of misdemeanor driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license and felony cocaine possession. She was released on bail and insisted in an e-mail to an entertainment reporter that she was innocent of the allegations, which came just two weeks after she was released from her second stay in rehab this year.

As he has in the past, Michael Lohan said Lindsay needs to return to her native New York state and become involved in a faith-based rehabilitation program. He told reporters that since his release from prison in March after serving more than 20 months for attempted assault and other charges, he has lived and worked at a local rehabilitation center called Teen Challenge.

Lohan is doing "everything he possibly can to reunite with his children," his attorney, John DiMascio Jr., said after Monday's brief court proceeding.

DiMascio declined to comment on the reason for withdrawing the request for drug testing, but Lohan said he felt the move would improve his chances of being granted visitation rights with his children.

Lohan currently is permitted only telephone calls with his daughter Aliana, 13, and her brother, Dakota, 10. Because Lindsay and her brother Michael Lohan Jr., 19, are no longer minors, they are not subject to the edicts of Family Court.

Dina Lohan was hardly impressed with Michael Lohan's peace offering.

"There never should have been an order," she told reporters.

The Family Court judge said she is still awaiting the results of a review by a family therapist; that is due Sept. 6. In the meantime, the judge repeated a previous admonition for the couple "not to make disparaging comments in the presence of the children."

The Lohans are due back in divorce court on Aug. 10.