Tennessee patient returns to hospital for 3rd time

After being struck by a car and beaten by an intruder, Tony Hicks returned to a hospital a third consecutive day while police investigating a convenience store robbery shot him.

The unrelated sequence of hospitalizations was not the first time police have dealt with Hicks, whose criminal record includes a shootout with police, Detective Bill Matthews said.

A police statement said Hicks was shot after making "aggressive movements" toward officers who wanted to question him about the Tuesday night robbery near his apartment.

He was treated and released after the shooting and was in jail Thursday after a judge ordered Hicks, 42, be held on a $100,000 (73,313 EUR) bond, pending a July 13 hearing on charges of aggravated robbery and attempted first-degree murder.

The Daily Post-Athenian reported the series of events: On Sunday, Hicks was struck outside his apartment by a car driven by a woman who had been revving the engine. The driver was charged with aggravated assault. Police said Hicks went on his own to a hospital.

On Monday, Hicks' apartment was broken into by a knife-wielding burglar. He was robbed after being struck in the face with a coffee mug, a police report said. Hicks was taken to hospital for treatment.

On Tuesday night, a convenience store clerk said she saw a man enter the store with a white bandanna covering his face and what appeared to be a gun under his shirt. She said the man struck her and told her to open the register and give him the money, then fled on foot. Investigators said they recovered the cash.

Police records show officers tried to question Hicks in a lot behind his apartment when he told them he had a gun and threatened to shoot. He began a countdown, and officers shot him in the lower torso. Police said Hicks did not have a gun but had a knife.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating the shooting.