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Kitten found hiding under van hood

A lucky cat was safe in the van and now must cope with four Rottweilers!

Mechanic Scott Bella, who works at an auto service shop in this south suburb of Chicago, thought he heard a cat's meow coming from a customer's van he was driving on Tuesday.

"I asked the woman if she had a cat in her van, and she looked at me like I was crazy," Bella told the Daily Southtown.

When Bella returned to the auto service shop, he lifted the van's hood to find a kitten sitting next to the radiator on the steamy day.

Bella said radiators can generate about 350 degrees (177 Celsius) of heat, but the kitten came out unscathed. So he named her "Lucky."

He said he plans to take the kitten home, where he hopes she will get along with his four Rottweilers.