Policeman hinders plane passenger to open emergency exit

An off-duty sheriff's deputy stopped an unrully passenger who tried to open an emergency exit during a US Airways flight from Phoenix to Seattle.

When the captain announced US Airways Flight 78's final descent into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on June 12, the man refused to put his seat belt on and was dismantling his seat, Doug Stanley, a Benton County sheriff's deputy, told the Tri-City Herald.

Flight attendants tried to get the man into his seat, but Stanley told the newspaper when the passenger "reached up to pop open the door," he intervened, wrestling him away and taking him to the back of the plane, where he was handcuffed with zip ties.

Port of Seattle police officers took the man off the plane and he was later taken to a hospital for observation. Port of Seattle police will send a commendation letter to Stanley, Sgt. Ron Fletcher told the Herald.

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