Police release daughter of suspected terrorist

The daughter of an accused of plotting to bomb New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport is free on US$50 (37 EUR) bond after her detention on suspicion of weapons possession unrelated to the plot.

Sauda Kadir, 31, told The Associated Press early Sunday that police detained her after they saw photos taken last Christmas showing family members posing with "toy guns." Kadir said she did not know how police obtained the pictures and declined further comment.

She was ordered to appear Tuesday at police headquarters for further questioning.

Sauda's father, Abdul Kadir, was arrested earlier this month in Trinidad and Tobago and is one of four suspects accused of participating in a Muslim terror cell that planned blow up a jet fuel artery feeding the New York airport.

Sauda Kadir is an assistant superintendent of national examinations at the Guyanese education ministry and studied Islamic theology in Iran.

Police detained her the same week they charged her two brothers, Kareem and Iqra, with illegal possession of ammunition. Both are in jail without bond and are expected to have a hearing Tuesday regarding accusations of possessing a single rifle round at their Linden home, which local police and the FBI recently searched. Sauda Kadir does not live with them.

The men have pleaded not guilty. Relatives have said that previous searches yielded nothing and accused detectives of planting evidence, charges that police spokesman John Sauers has denied.

The elder Kadir, a former opposition legislator in Guyana, is being held in Trinidad with two other suspects until a hearing on a U.S. request for their extradition.

Kadir's sons were not implicated in U.S. court documents filed on the alleged plot.