Chile President's daughter hospitalized

President Michelle Bachelet was at the hospital bedside of her daughter after the young woman suffered convulsions caused by a blood clot in the brain.

Francisca Davalos Bachelet, 23, was admitted to the Clinica Alemana in the capital of Santiago late Sunday with cerebral thrombosis, a blood clot in an artery or vein of the brain that can cause a stroke.

"She is in good condition, recovering now, accompanied by her mother," said Dr. Arnold Hoppe, director of the hospital's neurology department. "She is calm, has no pain and no new convulsions have occurred."

Hoppe said the daughter's symptoms hit after she played in a soccer match, "but the fact that she practices sports is in no way related to her condition, which is very rare, affecting just around five people in one million."

The cause of her condition was not immediately known, and it was not clear how long she would be hospitalized, he said.

Bachelet cleared her schedule for Monday to be with Francisca, and Interior Minister Belisario Velasco said she was also considering canceling a planned trip this week to a regional summit in Bolivia.

Bachelet has another daughter, 13-year-old Sofia, and a son, 29-year-old Sebastian.