Tennessee ex-trooper makes porn-star have oral sex on him and takes photos and video of encounter

Prosecutors plan to indict a former Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper after a porn actress wrote in her blog that she performed oral sex on him during a traffic stop and he took photos and video of the encounter.

District Attorney Tommy Thompson said Thursday that James Randy Moss could be charged with official misconduct and tampering with evidence, and the case is likely to be presented to a grand jury in July.

Since the allegations became public, more women have come forward to complain about inappropriate behavior by Moss, Thompson said in a phone call from Wilson County, the Nashville suburb where the first incident happened.

"If he wasn't such an idiot, this case would be his word against hers," Thompson said. "But he was such a genius he started sending all these photographs and everything. It blows my mind."

Moss was allowed to resign as a trooper rather than be fired.

Moss' attorney, Jack Lowery Sr., said the alleged sexual favor happened after Moss issued the ticket.

"He had done what he would have normally done under all the circumstances, had finished his work and was walking back to his patrol car and then the second thing occurred," Lowery said. "Maybe he used very poor judgment at that point. Maybe he succumbed to the weakness of human frailties."

Using her porn film name "Barbie Cummings," Justis Richert, 21, of Knoxville, wrote on her blog the trooper sent her photos and video of their encounter after he stopped her May 7.

Moss issued Richert a citation for speeding. The blog said that although she acknowledged having drugs she described only as "happy pills," the trooper threw them into the brush near the highway.

After telling him she makes "dirty movies," they watched sex videos in his patrol car and then he asked, "What does it cost for someone like me to get anything like you?" she wrote.

According to THP internal affairs records, Moss admitted to at least some of the blog's claims.

Thompson said the new complaints about Moss included allegations that he asked women drivers to show him their breasts. Some of the complaints may be too old to prosecute because of the statute of limitations on felonies, he said.