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Iranian general on U.N. travel restriction list visits Russia without difficulty

An Iranian Revolutionary Guard general who was listed for travel restrictions by a U.N. Security Council resolution has visited Russia without any difficulty, Iranian state television reported on its Web site Monday.

Gen. Mohammad Baqer Zolqadr, who is also deputy interior minister for security affairs, was one of 15 Iranians listed in Resolution 1747 that the Security Council approved unanimously on March 24 to punish Iran for failing to stop enrichment of uranium - a process that can produce the material for nuclear bombs.

The resolution calls on all governments "to exercise vigilance and restraint regarding the entry into or transit through their territories of individuals who are engaged in, directly associated with or providing support for Irans proliferation sensitive nuclear activities or for the development of nuclear weapon delivery systems." It says that in the event of a visit by a listed individual, a government should notify a U.N. committee.

"Despite resolution 1747 which imposed a travel ban on some members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, including me, I traveled to Russia and no restriction was applied," the Web site quoted Zolqadr as saying.

Zolqadr pointed out that Russia had voted for the U.N. restrictions on Iran, saying: "The visit indicated ineffectiveness of the resolution."

Zolqadr returned Monday from a six-day trip to Russia, during which he said he discussed cooperation on border control and relief for natural disasters such as earthquakes. Memorandums of understanding were signed on both issues, Zolqadr reported.

Russia and Iran share a border across the Caspian Sea.