Taiwanese protest over Israeli operation in Lebanon

The demonstrators, from a coalition of workers' rights organizations, called for an immediate halt to Israel's campaign against Hezbollah guerrillas, which began after the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers on the Israeli side of the border with Lebanon on July 12.

Demonstrators did not attempt to breach a line of about 30 police officers standing outside the entrance to the high rise office building where the Israeli offices are located.

Demonstration organizer Tang Shu of the Labor Rights Association said the demonstrators had gathered to protest Israel's actions in Lebanon, which he charged were indiscriminately targeting Lebanese civilians.

Israel and Taiwan have few direct links outside of trade relations that focus on agricultural exchanges.

Several thousand Taiwanese, many from the island's minority Christian community, visit Israel every year, the AP reports.

At least 423 people have been killed in Lebanon, including 376 civilians. Fifty-one Israelis have been killed in the campaign, including 32 members of the military.