South Korea, Japan suffering from tropical storm; 5 people killed

Ewiniar was 410 kilometers south of Seoul on Monday afternoon, and its eye was expected to come within 80 kilometers southeast of the capital later in the day, it said. The storm was moving at 37 kilometers per hour, forecasters said.

Ewiniar, named after a Micronesian storm god, was downgraded from a typhoon early Monday morning, according to the AP.

Four people died Saturday and Sunday in South Korea's southeast. Swollen rivers swept away two, while a handicapped man died after getting caught in the heavy rains, the National Emergency Management Agency said. The fourth death was an 87-year-old woman who slipped and hit a parked car, the agency said.

In southern Japan, the captain of a small fishing boat drowned early Monday when high waves triggered by the storm overturned his boat near Sasebo in Nagasaki prefecture (state), Sasebo Coast Guard official Shingo Ito said.