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Dublin International Airport evacuated in bomb scare

Ireland's national police force, the Garda Siochana, said several of its units and the Irish army bomb squad were being dispatched to the airport, which is about 10 miles  north of central Dublin, but no explosive device was immediately found.

Siobhan Moore, spokeswoman for the Dublin Airport Authority, said all travelers and staff had been evacuated from the airport terminal to nearby car-parking spaces or to the sidewalks outside, while all flights out of the airport would be grounded until the bomb threat was resolved.

She said incoming flights were being told to maintain a holding pattern for now. She said the evacuation and runway shutdown had delayed about 20 flights so far, the AP reports.

Moore said police had no choice but to presume the man had a bomb. "If somebody walks into the terminal building and makes a declaration like that, we have to take it seriously," she said.

But police advised would-be travelers to keep coming to the airport, because their flights were likely to take off later Tuesday subject tolengthy delays.