Couple from Egypt pleads guilty to enslaving girl in U.S.

The pair were accused of bringing the girl into the United States in August 2000 and ordering her to clean their Irvine home and take care of their five children while she lived in squalid conditions and was prevented from leaving the house.

The girl, who was 12 when authorities found her in April 2002, will be allowed to stay in the United States, said U.S. Attorney Debra Wong Yang. An indictment charged Abdel Nasser Eid Youssef Ibrahim, 45, and Amal Ahmed Ewis-Abd Motelib, 43, with two counts of human trafficking, harboring an illegal immigrant and conspiracy.

As part of their agreement, Ibrahim and Motelib each pleaded guilty on Thursday to conspiracy, holding a person in involuntary servitude through force or coercion, obtaining labor through unlawful force or coercion and harboring an illegal alien.

Both are expected to receive three years in prison when they are sentenced in October. As a condition of the plea, the pair agreed to pay $101,516  in restitution to the girl, the AP reports.