World Cup: Ghana dreams of victory over Brazil

In Accra, stricken by game-day fever, hometown fans said they didn't fear the heavily favored South American footballing behemoth.

Across the city, vendors sold armbands and flags in the red, yellow and green of the west African nation's flag as Black Star supporters chanted slogans and whistled through their fingers in the streets.

The Ghanaian Times shared the exuberance in a commentary Tuesday, assuring players in Germany, where the World Cup is being staged: "Our collective signals will be beamed to the field of play through African electronics! Up Ghana! Up the Black Stars! Up Africa! Today be today!"

Ghana beat the United States Thursday to advance in its first trip to the World Cup. Ghana had not been expected to make it out of Group E, which included the Czech Republic and Italy as well as the United States, the AP reports.