Stem cell researches promise healing for paralyzed

This research is seen as proof by scientists that one day paralyzed humans will be cured as a result of stem-cell grafts, Medial News today reports.

For a limb muscle to move, a brain cell must send a message to a motor neuron, which lies in the spinal cord. The motor neuron in the spinal cord then reaches out to the muscle using axons, long fibers. An impulse is sent down the axons and the muscle contracts. The message relay is done through a complicated system of signalling chemicals.

The difference between this experiment and others is that this one has managed to get the neurons to make functional connections to muscle. Previous studies managed to use stem cell therapy to create nerve cells only.

11 of the 15 treated, previously paralyzed mice began to regain muscle strength and function and were more mobile in their cages, Forbes reports.