Top Mafia boss to be extradited from Czech Republic

A top boss from the Sicilian Mafia arrested in the Czech Republic last year will be extradited to Italy, an official said Wednesday.

Justice Minister Pavel Nemec decided Wednesday that Luigi Putrone will be extradited to Italy, spokesman Petr Dimun said.

Putrone, 44, was arrested in December as he was leaving a bakery in the Czech town of Usti nad Labem, near the German border.

He had been hiding in the Czech Republic since he was convicted of a string of murders and the kidnapping of a turncoats's young son, whose body was dissolved in acid.

Putrone is among Italy's 30 most dangerous mobsters and had been convicted in-absentia of Mafia-linked crimes and sentenced to two life terms.

Putrone allegedly had been on the run since 1998, and was working as a trader in the Czech Republic, reports AP.