Robots used to patrol stadium for first time at World Cup

Robots are being used to patrol a stadium at the World Cup for the first time, although they haven't had much chance yet to show off what they can do.

The Berlin company Robowatch has developed two surveillance robots, one is similar to those used by the U.S. military as scouts in Iraq, and 11 of them are patrolling underground parking lots inside Berlin's Olympic Stadium and a football-sized field next to the arena covered by tents holding the media, sponsors and VIPs.

"This is the first time robots like this have ever been used at a major sporting event," Robowatch spokesman Benjamin Stengl said. "They haven't caught anybody, they haven't actually had much to do. This has been a very safe World Cup, luckily."

The outdoor robot OFRO uses thermal cameras at night to spot intruders through their body heat. It is capable of far more, with sensors equipped to detect radiation, including alpha, beta and gamma, along with toxins, viruses and chemical warfare agents.

"These things won't be used here, but we see this as a learning experience, where we can go back and better the technology," Stengl said. "The robots here will be mostly used where it's very boring or very difficult to see."

The robots use satellite navigation systems like those found in cars and send pictures back to a control room in the stadium. Through remote control, they can be sent to check out anything suspicious, reports AP.


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Author`s name: Editorial Team