Ukraine coalition talks failed

The difficult coalition talks had dragged on for weeks after no single party managed to win a majority in March parliamentary elections in this former Soviet nation. Nobody wanted to deliver their position, and talks reached deadlock. After that Ukraine's former Orange Revolution allies have broken off coalition talks.

Our Ukraine spokeswoman Tetyana Mokridi said the negotiations failed because of the Socialists' insistence on getting the parliamentary speaker's job. "The talks were stopped because of the Socialists' position," Mokridi said.

Yushchenko has also been reluctant to concede the powerful prime minister's post again to his former ally-turned-rival, Yulia Tymoshenko.

Mokridi said the pro-presidential Our Ukraine party which came a humiliating third in the election insists positions be distributed according to the vote results.

The pro-Russian opposition Party of the Regions came first, followed by Tymoshenko's bloc, Our Ukraine and the Socialists in fourth place.

The parties have until June 27 to form a governing coalition, and then another 30 days to name the prime minister and other Cabinet jobs. Yushchenko, whose job was not at stake in the election, remains president, reports the AP.