Germany: dream goals, but defense is nightmare

While Germany is celebrating first victory, to look at its defense. "Dream Goals! But our defense is a nightmare," the mass-circulation Bild daily wrote in its front-page headline Saturday.

More than 20.1 million Germans about a quarter of the population tuned in Friday to watch the hosts beat Costa Rica 4-2, according to Media control, a group that measures television ratings.

Missing injured captain Michael Ballack, Germany treated viewers to the highest-scoring opening match in World Cup history, though even Juergen Klinsmann conceded that "we would have preferred not to have given any away." For some, that didn't matter.

"The ball rolls and Germany wins," Berlin's Tagesspiegel daily said in its front-page headline. The capital's B.Z. tabloid proclaimed: "That was just the beginning Bravo, Klinsi!"

Still, Saturday's coverage gave prominent space to long-standing doubts about Klinsmann's back line. "To be honest, we Germans would have preferred a bit less excitement," Bild wrote. "This defense is torturing us! It was not often challenged, but it still allowed itself nightmare moments."

"It is far from clear what song will be appropriate for the Germans at the end of the tournament," it said, reports the AP.