Crazy rich woman kidnapped baby

Sometimes rich people make very strange actions. Wealthy woman kidnapped a 7-week-old baby after the infant's teenage mother refused a $6,000 offer for the child. As you see, not everything could buy in our world. But rich people don’t understand it.

Annette Pinkard, a 47-year-old real estate professional from the Dallas area, was being held in Texas along with her cousin, Sylvia Nunn, 53. Pinkard's attorney said the young mother had agreed to give the baby up.

Authorities say Pinkard saw the baby, Devon Calloway, with his 17-year-old mother at a store last month and offered to buy the child. Dominique Calloway said she refused their offer but let the women drive her home.

Two days later, the women returned, and when Calloway allowed them to hold Devon, they took the baby and drove off, authorities said. Pinkard's attorney, Scottie Allen, disputed that account, saying Calloway agreed to let the boy go and even signed a form relinquishing her parental rights.

He said his client and Nunn, who lives in Compton, came across Devon's 2-year-old sister "unaccompanied and running around outside." They found the mother, went home with her to a fetid duplex and offered to adopt both children, he said.

Pinkard was "scared to death" when she learned about the kidnapping investigation while driving back to Texas with Devon, he said. He said she had planned to return to California to apply to a court for adoption, reports the AP.