Opposition in Montenegro demands referendum vote recount

The pro-Serb camp in Montenegro on Monday demanded a recount of the referendum vote, whose preliminary results show that the pro-independence side won. "The preliminary results of the referendum process should be double checked and ballots from all the polling stations should be recounted," said a statement signed by four main leaders of the unionist bloc.

The state referendum commission said Monday that near complete results showed 55.4 percent of voters voted in favor of Montenegro's independence on Sunday. That is just over the 55-percent threshold needed to validate Sunday's referendum under rules set by the European Union. The unionists also demanded that voting lists at polling stations be compared to the central voting list, and checked for possible irregularities.

There was no immediate reaction from the state referendum commission. The commission is expected to announce complete preliminary results later Monday, after which both sides can lodge their complaints. The unionist leaders were apparently angered by the announcement of results Monday by the state commission, which were not based on a full vote count. "After the reaction by the state bodies and the definite stand by the referendum commission, the unionist leaders will take a stand," they said in the statement, reports the AP.