Thaksin may end political break

Thaksin Shinawatra may return as Thailand's full-time prime minister, ending a break from politics he began last month amid street protests, the government spokesman said Monday.

Thaksin was scheduled to resume some of his major duties Monday, including trying to tackle a bloody Muslim insurgency in the country's southern provinces. Spokesman Suraphong Suebwonglee said he might stage a full comeback.

Suraphong told reporters that Thaksin may ask the Cabinet to revoke a resolution which appointed Chitchai Wannasathit as caretaker prime minister.

Thailand has had a caretaker government and no Parliament since April 2 snap general elections were annulled by the Constitutional Court.

Thaksin called the elections to seek a new mandate amid almost daily protests calling for his resignation for alleged corruption and abuse of power, reports the AP.