Corsica short on gas with depots blocked by members of the local press delivery service

Numerous gas stations on this French Mediterranean island carried "flat broke" signs after drivers filled their tanks with the announcement of the blockade.

Where stations were open, drivers had to wait in lines for some 45 minutes to get fuel, with a maximum per car limited to Ђ20 (US$25.5) worth.

Inconclusive talks Thursday with Publinice led the strikers to maintain the blockade. Talks continued Friday with unions demanding higher wages and four paid rest days per month, the AP reports.

The daily Nice-Matin has not printed the paper, the only daily here, since April 20.

Other sections of the STC union, working for the SNCM ferry operator, Renault, a local clinic and others, have threatened to strike in solidarity starting Tuesday if the standoff between management and the union is not resolved.