The United Nations' 10 forgotten stories of 2006

The United Nations released its 2006 list of 10 forgotten stories. They are not ranked according to significance.

1. Liberia : Development challenges top agenda as the nation recovers from years of civil strife.

2. Lost in migration: Asylum seekers face challenges amid efforts to stem flows of illegal migrants.

3. Democratic Republic of Congo: As the country moves boldly towards historic vote, humanitarian concerns continue to demand attention

4. Nepal's hidden tragedy: Children caught in the conflict

5. Somalia: Security vacuum compounding effects of drought

6. Protracted refugee situations: Millions caught in limbo, with no solutions in sight

7. South Asian earthquake: Relief effort saves lives, stems losses, but reconstruction tasks loom large

8. Behind bars, beyond justice: An untold story of children in conflict with the law.

9. From water wars to bridges of cooperation: Exploring the peace-building potential of a shared resource

10. Ivory Coast: A strike away from igniting violence amidst a faltering peace process, reports AP.