Israeli airstrike hits car in Gaza

An Israeli airstrike hit a pickup truck filled with militants driving near the central Gaza Strip site of frequent rocket attacks against Israel on Monday, wounding three militants, witnesses and the Israeli army said. The airstrike took place in the village of Abassan , east of the town of Khan Younis , and less than 1 kilometer (about 1/2 mile) from the border with Israel . Witnesses reported seeing two missiles strike the truck, which was carrying four militants from the Islamic Jihad group.

One of the men escaped unharmed, two were in serious condition and one was in moderate condition, hospital officials said. The truck was a wreck of twisted, burnt metal and parts of it landed as far as 100 meters (yards) away. The Israeli army confirmed carrying out the airstrike against a group of militants. It did not give further details.

The area of the strike is often used by militants to launch homemade rockets into Israel . Safia Abu Daraz, 43, said she was sitting in a grocery store when she the blast shook the area. "When I went out I saw a car on the other side of the street, it was a ball of fire. People from nearby houses used water and sand to fight the fire," she said. "I saw a man who was taken out of the car and he had lost his leg and his body was burned", reports the AP.