Russian President to deliver state of the nation address May 10

Russian President Vladimir Putin will deliver his annual state of the nation address on May 10, the Kremlin said Tuesday. The speech, which will be Putin's seventh since he was elected in 2000, is expected to focus on foreign policy, the RIA-Novosti news agency reported.

With the U.N. Security Council this week expected to begin debating new steps aimed at persuading Iran to comply with international demands to halt its uranium enrichment activities, Putin's address will be closely watched for clues about Russia 's position on Iran .

So far, the Kremlin, which maintains close ties with Iran , has said it will not support the efforts of Washington and its European allies to impose sanctions. But Moscow has also been frustrated by Tehran 's defiance of international pressure and refusal to accept a Russian proposal aimed at easing tension by moving Iran 's uranium enrichment to Russia .

Putin will deliver the address in front of both chambers of the Russian parliament, as well as other senior officials, including government members, the Prosecutor General, the Supreme Court chairman and religious leaders. Putin's address last year focused on foreign investment, deregulation of the economy and the need to ensure higher wages for state officials and other workers of the public sector, reports the AP.