John F. Kennedy assassination lives on among aging conspiracy theorists - 21 November, 2005 - News

In the 42 years since the assassination of President &to=' target=_blank>John F. Kennedy, here's what has been agreed on by those who still pursue one of the most sensational crimes in history: very little, if anything.

After the release of millions of pages of documents, and more than four decades of probes by professionals and amateurs, there is no consensus among those who toil in the conspiracy theory industry.

Some see the fingerprints of the Mafia, others the CIA. For some it was the Cubans, the Russians, or just about everyone who was anyone on or about Nov. 22, 1963.

No theory tying together disparate characters or events is too outlandish: Remember the Maine? Some even link the explosion that sank the U.S. battleship in Havana harbor in 1898 to the shooting of Kennedy 65 years later, the belief being that both marked trumped-up pretexts for American intervention in Cuba.

Interest comes to a head each year around the time of the assassination anniversary, which is Tuesday.