Brazil's Embraer expects 145 plane deliveries in 2006

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica SA, or Embraer, said Friday it will deliver 145 aircraft in 2006 and 150 planes in 2007.

The world's fourth-largest aircraft maker made the announcement in a statement following its annual meeting with analysts and investors. The company has said it expects to deliver 145 airline, business and defense aircraft in 2005.

Embraer said the percentage of its total sales coming from the ERJ170 and ERJ190 series, which carry 70 and 110 passengers respectively, will top 70 percent from 2006 because of growing demand for these planes and because of cancellations of orders for the smaller 50-seater ERJ145 jets.

Cancellations were due to client airlines going bust, events that have been factored into the estimates, the statement said.

Embraer is a leader in the small commercial jet market, AP reported. V.A.