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Alabama investigators say convicted murder admits to killing 13

A man convicted of raping and murdering an Alabama woman has confessed to at least 12 more slayings in four other states, and may be linked to four more killings, authorities said Wednesday.

Alabama Attorney General Troy King branded Jeremy Bryan Jones "a monster who would kill without remorse."

Jones, 32, of Oklahoma, faces a possible death sentence Dec. 1 for the killing of Lisa Marie Nichols, 44, in Alabama.

He is also charged with killing a teenage girl in Georgia and a woman in Louisiana. He is a suspect in 10 other deaths _ seven in Oklahoma, two in Georgia and one in Kansas _ and may also be linked to the slayings of four Atlanta-area prostitutes, state and local law enforcement officials said.

Jones "enjoyed raping and killing," said sheriff's Detective Paul Burch, AP reported. V.A.