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Blunkett accused of breaching ministerial rules for a second time

David Blunkett is under pressure to resign for a second time over a directorship he failed to disclose when he was between Cabinet jobs. While there is said to be "no question" of his not enjoying the Prime Minister's full support, Mr Blunkett is not out of the woods yet.

The Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell Government is seeking advice on whether the Work and Pensions Secretary breached ministerial rules or faces a conflict of interest over his dealings with technology firm DNA Bioscience, Downing Street has said.

U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair gave his ``full confidence'' to Work & Pensions Secretary David Blunkett after he was accused of breaching ministerial rules by taking a directorship of a biotech company, Bloomberg reports.

Mr Blunkett's popularity with them took a hit last year when he made disparaging comments to his biographer, for example accusing Jack Straw of leaving the Home Office "in a mess" before he succeeded him.

The move to ask for further advice about the propriety of Mr Blunkett's actions follows a demand from the Tories for a full investigation into whether he broke the rules when he became a director of the firm for a fortnight before the general election last May.

Ex-ministers are expected to consult an independent advisory committee if they take up paid work within two years of leaving office, Belfast Telegraph reports. A.M.