Australian lingerie model goes on trial for keeping two Ecstasy pills

An Australian lingerie model who faces a possible four-year jail term for allegedly possessing two Ecstasy pills went on trial Friday on Indonesia's resort island of Bali. Michelle Leslie, 24, sat calmly as prosecutor Risman Parihuran read out the charges against her at Denpasar District Court on Bali.

Parihuran said Leslie was caught with the two tablets when police on Bali raided a dance party on Aug. 20.

She could face at least four years behind bars if charged and convicted, Parihuran said.

Proceedings have been adjourned until Nov. 1.

Leslie's trial is the latest of several drug cases involving Australians in neighboring Indonesia, the AP says.

Earlier this month, eight men and one woman, dubbed the "Bali Nine" by Australian media, went on trial after being arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle drugs onto a flight from Bali to Sydney.

In May, former beautician Schapelle Corby, 28, was sentenced to 20 years in jail for smuggling marijuana onto the island. Dozens of foreigners are imprisoned for drug smuggling every year in Indonesia, but Corby's case sparked public outrage in Australia, where many believe she is innocent.