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Thailand: drug dealer to fight in WBC title contest in prison

A convicted Thai drug dealer will fight for the WBC strawweight title and government officials will allow the bout to be held in prison, where she is serving her six-year sentence officials announced Thursday.

Saying they wanted to showcase the humane conditions in the women's prison, the government has cleared the way for Nongmai Sor Siriporn, 26, to fight Carina Moreno, an American, on Nov. 7 in Bangkok's Prathum Thani prison.

Moreno is ranked second by the World Boxing Council, while Nongmai is ranked third.

The title is currently vacant so the match will be a title fight, said local WBC representative Kovit Pakdiphumi.

"We want the world communities to know we are honoring human rights, even in the prison," said Nathee Chitsawang, director general of Thailand's Corrections Department.

"We are promoting sport and providing vocational training for the prisoners," Nathee said. "When they are released, it will make it easier to integrate into society."

Conditions in Thailand's crowded prison system have prompted the government in recent years to come up with several stress-relief programs for inmates, including meditation, soccer and laughing contests.

Men's prisons have long had kickboxing schools, and authorities last year started similar programs for women.

Thailand has 123 jails housing 230,000 prisoners. More than 80 percent of them are serving time for drug offenses, Reported AP.