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Parmalat's special administrator offers to continue to lead dairy group

Parmalat's special administrator Enrico Bondi, who has worked to rescue the Italian dairy giant after a fraud scandal, said on Monday he was prepared to be the group's CEO because major investors wanted "strong continuity in leadership."

Parmalat issued a statement quoting Bondi as saying: "I have decided to be willing to have my name included in a list of candidates" for the position of chief executive officer to be presented at a board meeting in early November.

He said the re-listing on Oct. 6 of Parmalat shares on the Milan stock exchange was a "first step" for the group to "recover and create value" but "there is still a lot more to do."

The value of continuity of leadership "was stressed to me in contacts in recent weeks with representatives of major investors," Bondi said, AP reported. V.A.