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Sweden limits sales of anti-influenza drug to make sure supplies don't run out

The Swedish Medical Products Agency said Monday that it will limit pharmacy sales of Tamiflu to make sure there will not be a shortage of the anti-influenza drug.

"To guarantee the supply of Tamiflu to groups that may need the drug during the influenza season this year, the agency has decided to limit the possibility of pharmacies to sell more than 10 packages to each customer," the agency said in a news release.

The decision followed large orders from two private companies of 500 and 800 packages respectively. Tamiflu sales have skyrocketed in Sweden after reports of bird flu reaching Russia, Turkey and Romania. The deadly strain of the virus has not been found in Sweden.

Health experts have been pinning their hopes on Tamiflu in case bird flu mutates so that it could pass easily between people. While there is no human vaccine for the spreading strain of bird flu, scientists believe the Tamiflu may help humans fight a mutated virus, AP reported. V.A.