Three suspect terrorists arrested in Bosnia

Police have arrested three people in Bosnian city Sarajevo suspected of terrorist activities, police said Friday.

"A Turkish, Swedish and a Bosnian national were apprehended over suspicion that they were preparing terrorist activities. We searched two facilities and found a certain amount of explosives, firearms and other military equipment," police spokesman Robert Cvrtak said.

The group was apprehended on Wednesday and Thursday. Two of the three have been handed over to the prosecutor's office, and the third one will be handed over later, Cvrtak said and refused to give further details.

Sarajevo's Dnevni Avaz daily newspaper quoted unnamed police officials as saying that one of the suspects is an 18-year-old who was preparing a suicide bomb attack on the Sarajevo embassy of an European Union country. The report did not specify which country. The man is a Bosnian national the explosives were found and in his apartment, the newspaper said.

"The news of the detention of individuals by the Bosnian authorities is serious, but it is evidence that Bosnia is a capable partner in the international fight against terrorism," the top international administrator in Bosnia, British diplomat Paddy Ashdown said in a statement Friday.

Ashdown said Bosnian police were coordinating their investigation with international security forces in Bosnia, reports the AP.