Popular open source browser Firefox hits 100m downloads

Just about a year after the launch, Mozilla says 100 million folk have downloaded its Firefox open source browser.

The success of the browser is directly due to the collaborative efforts of thousands of contributors worldwide, the corporation trumpeted. "Volunteer extension developers further enrich Firefox's capabilities by enabling users to customize and enhance their browser and truly take back the Web," it said, reports Inquirer.

"Mozilla also congratulates the members of the Spread Firefox community for their success in reigniting the Web by driving the popularity of the browser," it reads. "Their global grassroots efforts have set a new standard for software marketing and played a significant role in helping Firefox to achieve this amazing milestone."

Version 1.0 of Firefox made its debut almost a year ago, in November 2004, and quickly captured market share from Internet Explorer. In recent month's however, it hasn't had things all its own way, with reports that its growth was slowing - Firefox faltering for market share, informs Pc Pro.