Tony Blair: No invasions of Iran

&to=http:// ' target=_blank>Tony Blair today warned that Britain was ready to back moves to refer Iran to United Nations Security Council over its controversial nuclear programme.

In a marked toughening of the diplomatic language, the Prime Minister said that the UK would “certainly” support referral if Iran breached undertakings it had given to freeze all uranium enrichment activities.

Earlier, there were reports that Iranian diplomats were backing away from a threat by Tehran to immediately resume enrichment work – an essential step in the process needed to build a &to=http:// ' target=_blank>nuclear bomb.

It followed a letter from the European troika of Britain, France and Germany warning of the “negative” consequences for Iran if it carried out the threat, reports the Scotsman.

According to VOA News, Britain has joined France and Germany in negotiations with Iran aimed at convincing Tehran to give up its uranium enrichment program, which Washington views with suspicion. Tehran says it only aspires for peaceful nuclear energy generation, not a bomb.

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