Bush`s Social Security pitch

Today ends the first 100 days of President Bush's second term, and he's marking it with a fresh Social Security pitch -- and a dinner with reporters.

The president's using his weekly radio address to highlight the new proposal he's just made on &to=http:// english.pravda.ru/economics/2002/08/17/34747.html ' target=_blank>retirement benefits.

At his prime-time news conference, Bush called for curbing their growth, but only for middle and upper-income groups. However, he still wants a Social Security package to include personal retirement accounts, tells 10 TV.

Democrats say Bush wants massive benefit cuts to finance what they call a "risky privatization scheme." And they say -- from gas prices to the budget -- his 100 days record has been "disastrous." President Bush's proposal to restore solvency to &to=http:// english.pravda.ru/main/2002/09/18/36802_.html ' target=_blank>Social Security by deeply cutting benefits for some Americans faced extreme peril Friday on Capitol Hill, where few lawmakers are eager to tell their constituents that they will be receiving less money in the future.

Republicans seemed more inclined to move forward with Social Security legislation than to specifically embrace Bush's new plan, and they promised to produce bills in the House by June and in the Senate by late July.

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