Miracle sandwitch or one's wild imagination?!

Golden Palace is the proud owner of the so-called "miracle sandwitch", which according to some, bears a likeness of the Virgin Mary. Now the most interesting question is this: was it really worth the bid?!

The seller, Fort Lauderdale, Florida resident Diana Duyser, says she made the cheese sandwich 10 years ago and after taking a bite, saw "the Virgin Mary staring back at me," informs Reuters.

According to NewsDay, Duyser, 52, isn't the only one who trusts in the crust. Since she offered the aging, triangular sandwich for sale last week on the Internet auction site eBay, she's had bids of up to $22,000.

"People have e-mailed me: Can we eat her?" said the jewelry designer.

Duyser said she fixed the sandwich in the fall of 1994. No oil or butter, just fried up plain on the skillet. "I went to take a bite out of it, and then I saw this lady looking back at me," she recalled. "I hollered for him," she said, gesturing to her husband Greg. "It scared me at first."

Nevertheless, before auctioning her sandwich Mrs Duyser cautioned buyers that it was "not intended for consumption".

The item has inspired sellers to place dozens of spin-off items on the online auction site, including attempts at replica burnt toast, T-shirts, ornamental plates, and domain names.

One seller is even offering a "Virgin Mary" sandwich toaster - though the item description includes the caveat that the item "may or may not reproduce the Virgin Mary image", reports BBC.