Cheney experienced some shortness of breath

&to=http:// ' target=_blank>Dick Cheney, the US Vice-President came back home yesterday after a brief hospital visit. He experienced so,e shortness of breath that was thought to be the four-time heart attack. However, after precautionary tests at the hospital, it was revealed that he had nothing more than a bad cold and his heart was fine, an adviser said Sunday.

But Mr Cheney, 63, left three hours later with doctors saying there was no heart trouble and that the Vice-President's problem was most likely a respiratory infection from a cold.

"I feel fine," a smiling and waving Mr Cheney said as he walked out with his wife, Lynne.

"Sorry we ruined your Saturday," she told waiting reporters. "We're great, thank you", reports The Australian.

According to the ABC News, Cheney, who has had four heart attacks, had three hours of tests Saturday after experiencing shortness of breath. They showed no problems with heart "none whatsoever," said Mary Matalin, a former top &to=http:// ' target=_blank>White House aide to the vice president.

Cheney's most recent heart attack was in November 2000, just before he assumed the vice presidency. He had a pacemaker implanted in his chest in June 2001.

Matalin said Cheney was just following the orders of his "very cautious" doctors who recommended that he have tests at the hospital. Cheney returned Thursday night from a pheasant hunting trip in South Dakota with a cold that left him short of breath.

White House spokesman Ken Lisaius said: "He experienced some shortness of breath Saturday morning and has had a bad cold, which could be the cause for the shortness of breath".