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Bush leads Kerry by 5 points in LA Times poll

&to=' target=_blank>President George W. Bush leads Democratic challenger John Kerry by 5 percentage points among likely voters in a Los Angeles Times poll taken ahead of the first presidential debate.

Bush was supported by 51 percent of 1,100 likely voters polled Sept. 25 to Sept. 28, while Kerry, a four-term U.S. senator from Massachusetts, was backed by 46 percent. Three percent of voters said they were unsure. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points, informs Bloomberg.

According to Reuters, polls indicate as many as one-quarter of American voters could be swayed by the debates, which often provide insights into not only the candidates' views but also their demeanor and personality.

After days of cramming and mock debates, Bush and Kerry were ready to confront each other in a foreign policy session certain to focus heavily on the war in Iraq and the war on terror.