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Cat Stevens suspected of terrorism connection

Pop star turned Muslim activist Cat Stevens returned to Britain on Thursday after being deported from the United States over "potential" terrorism links.

The U.S. decision outraged &to=' target=_blank>British Muslims and also led to Foreign Secretary Jack Straw complaining personally to Secretary of State Colin Powell at the United Nations.

Arab-Americans were also outraged by the treatment of Stevens, known as Yusuf Islam since he stopped his singing and songwriting career and became a Muslim almost three decades ago.

Asked for his reaction on how he was treated, Stevens merely told reporters on arrival at London's Heathrow airport: "I was surprised," informs the Reuters.

According to the Scotsman, the ex-singer, now known as Yusuf Islam after converting to Islam in the 1970s, told reporters in a media scrum at London’s Heathrow airport: "Half of me wants to smile, half of me wants to growl.

"It’s crazy and everybody knows me from my charitable work and now there has to be explanations, but I’m glad to be home."