Republicans are calling Bush and his clan to return to mainstream

A growing number of Republicans are calling Bush to move back to the foundations of the Republican Party.

Bush is coming under increasing criticism from his own. Republicans such as A. Linwood Holton are expressing serious concerns about the radical shift to the extreme right that has happened in the Bush administration.

They are so concerned that they have taken out an ad that is endorsed by GOP Govs. David Cargo of New Mexico, Dan Evans of Washington, A. Linwood Holton of Virginia, William Milliken of Michigan, Walter Peterson of New Hampshire; former U.S. Sens. Charles Mathias of Maryland and Robert Stafford of Vermont; and Nathaniel Reed, former assistant Interior Secretary under Presidents Nixon and Ford, and Russell Train, EPA administrator under Presidents Nixon and Ford.

Bush’s radical shift to the extreme right has others quite concerned also.

A global poll conducted favors Kerry. In an article published by Thomas Crampton, regarding a study done by The Program on International Policy Attitudes and the polling company GlobeScan Incorporated indicates that a clear majority of the world would like to see Bush out of the driver’s seat completely.

The most negative attitude toward the U.S. came from France, Germany and Mexico, where roughly 80 percent of those surveyed thought that the foreign policies of President Bush had made them feel worse about the United States.

Russian polls indicate the same thing – fear of Bush and his policies.

"We found an unusually low level of support for U.S. foreign policy," Steve Kull, director of The Program on International Policy Attitudes of the University of Maryland, said. And he went on: "This runs in line with trends from recent attitude surveys by the Pew Research Center and may have implications when the U.S. wants to move forward on issues with its closest allies."

The indicators are that world wide, only one out of five favor Bush.

The poll of 34,330 people older than 15 from all regions of the world found that the majority or plurality of people from 32 countries prefer Kerry to Bush.

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