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The reason of suffering from ADHD

Children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are not disrupting their school classes or their neighborhoods because of poor parenting, UK scientists said on Wednesday.

Rather they are a product of a genetic malfunction made worse by anarchic surroundings, they believe.

"ADHD is not a product of bad parenting," David Daley from the University of Wales told reporters. "You need a genetic predisposition and a chaotic environment to express the symptoms."

He said studies had found that parents of ADHD children who themselves suffered from the disease actually had a better relationship with their offspring than normal parents of an ADHD child.

Professor Eric Taylor of Britain's Institute of Psychiatry said ADHD in its mildest form affected up to five percent of children worldwide but was either over or under-recognized depending on the country, informs Reuters.

Typically children with the disorder are impulsive, inattentive, disorganised, restless and volatile.

About 5% of Britain’s school age population are thought to have ADHD, and of these 1.4% may be suffering from an extreme form of the disorder.

In the US, 6% of all children are prescribed drugs such as Ritalin for ADHD. But in Britain the disorder is far less recognised, with only about 0.33 of school-age children receiving medication.

Research suggests there is a strong genetic component to ADHD, and scientists are now searching for the genes responsible, the Scotsman reported.

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