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Nicole Kidman is not a "legend"

Veteran actress Lauren Bacall has labelled co-star Nicole Kidman a "beginner" after an ITV journalist described Kidman as a "legend". "She's not a legend. She's a beginner... she can't be a legend at whatever age she is," Bacall told GMTV.

Kidman, 37, and Bacall, 79, are at the Venice Film Festival to promote their film Birth. Bacall plays Kidman's mum, reports BBC News.

According to the Australian News, Nicole Kidman, acclaimed for her daring performances, said today she wanted to keep details of her acting method to herself from now on.

Kidman, in Venice to present her latest film Birth, in which she plays a psychologically brittle widow, balked during a news conference at a question about what music she listened to on set to help her prepare for a part.

"I think if you reveal anything too much about anything to do with the performance you're stripping it away, so I don't like to reveal anything that I use, even psychologically," she told reporters.

But Lauren Bacall, the former wife of Humphrey Bogart and star of such films as The Big Sleep and Key Largo insisted she and Kidman get along famously.

"I love working with a young actress," she said. "Nicole and I worked together on Dogville and we were friends when we started this. That laid the groundwork for our fabulous relationship on screen and off."

Birth is one of the most controversial films of Kidman's career and a preview screening yesterday was greeted by a chorus of boos, informs Telegraph.

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