Bush declares that it is lawsuits that are driving jobs out of America

Shifting attention from our economic issues, Bush has taken a firm stance. Lawsuits are the problem. Clearly, a much more ambiguous approach.

Bush isn't saying what type of lawsuits are driving jobs out of America, but he is sure this is the cause for the business trend, predicted to continue for the next 5 years, to outsource American jobs. His solution is training at vocational schools and Jr. Colleges. But, for what jobs - to which he does not have an answer?

Kerry has lashed out at Bush for the economic sink hole and Kerry wants to eliminate rules allowing companies to defer paying taxes on income earned by their foreign subsidiaries.

Neither candidate is discussing the tax loop-holes or the tax havens.

The economy "is strong and is getting stronger," Bush has said. Although Department of Labor, and the consumer index, is saying something that is entirely different based upon the latest figures.

Michael Berglin

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