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Michael Moore gives a chance to others

Michael Moore says he won't submit Fahrenheit 9/11 for consideration as best documentary at this year's Academy Awards. Instead, he's going for the bigger prize of best picture.

Moore's critically acclaimed film slams President George W. Bush's war on terror as lacklustre, ill-advised and corrupt. The movie has cheered Democrats but enraged the president's supporters, who booed Moore when he visited the Republican national convention last week.

The $6 million US film has become a sensation that collected $117.3 million at the box office in the United States, despite early roadblocks when Walt Disney Co. banned its Miramax Films division from distributing the film.

Moore's announcement is a strategic move for his Oscar campaign.

Documentaries and animated films have their own categories, but the conventional wisdom in Hollywood is that those niche awards can limit a film's appeal in the overall best picture class, reports London Free Press.

According to the BBC News, Moore said he hoped to have the film aired on television before November's presidential election to reach "as many Americans as possible".

According to Academy rules, this would invalidate its entry in the documentary category, but not for best film.

Moore said, for him, the "real Oscar" would be President Bush's defeat and added he "had not given up trying" to get the film broadcast on television before the election.

Moore's decision not to put Fahrenheit 9/11 forward for the documentary award was also influenced by his wish to be "supportive of my teammates in non-fiction film", referring to films such as the fast-food satire Super Size Me, and Control Room's sober look at Arab television news.

Moore, who won the best documentary Oscar last year for Bowling for Columbine, says he would like to give others a chance at the honour, informs the Guardian.

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