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Democratic Party attorney works behind anti-Bush commercials

One of President Bush's election lawyers also advises a group running ads against Democratic rival &to=' target=_blank>John Kerry. A Democratic Party attorney works for the group behind commercials that criticize Bush.

Welcome to politics under a new campaign finance law. In effect for the first time this election cycle, the law bans national party committees and federal candidates from raising or spending big donations known as soft money, and imposes tougher rules banning coordination between soft-money groups and parties or candidates.

But the law doesn't necessarily make it easier to prove who's involved with what on the campaign trail.

Benjamin Ginsberg, a lawyer for Bush's re-election campaign, disclosed that he has been providing legal advice for a veterans group challenging Kerry's account of his &to=' target=_blank>Vietnam War service, reports Associated Press.

According to Reuters, John Kerry won the endorsement of 10 Nobel Prize-winning economists on Wednesday as he attacked &to=' target=_blank>President Bush for policies that he said have led to the creation of only low-paying jobs.

The Democratic presidential nominee released a letter from the economists saying the Bush administration had "embarked on a reckless and extreme course that endangers the long-term economic health of our nation."

They cited "poorly designed" tax cuts that instead of creating jobs have turned budget surpluses into enormous budget deficits, a "fiscal irresponsibility threatens the long-term economic security and prosperity of our nation."