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South Ossetia issues ultimatum to Georgia

South Ossetian authorities have issued an ultimatum to Tbilisi saying that if Georgians do not stop firing at Tskhinvali, they will face a military operation held by Ossetian servicemen. This morning Georgians started firing at Ossetia again after almost a daylong ceasefire. Propelled gun shooting damaged an Ossetian hospital. According to recently announced data, 3 people were injured in the incident. Georgians used anti-aircraft guns during today's assault, witnesses say, the First Channel reported.

However, Georgians say that 3 people died and 2 were injured after Ossetians fire at Georgian towns, the Rustavi-2 television reported. Georgian Prime Minister negotiated with representatives of Georgian law-enforcement authorities this night. However, Georgian mass media do not disclose more detailed information.