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Stabilization in Gaza will propel Mideast peace process, Russian diplomats say

Officials in Moscow believe that the soonest possible stabilization in the Gaza Strip and speedy reform to the Palestinian Authority's security services in line with the UN Road Map will serve Palestine's interests while also benefiting the peace process in the Middle East. The official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Yakovenko, pointed this out in a statement issued amidst growing unrest in Palestinian-administered territories.

Moscow hails the announced plans to reduce the number of PA law-enforcement agencies, Mr. Yakovenko said.

According to him, the Russian Foreign Ministry is closely following developments in Palestinian-controlled areas, where "the situation has become alarmingly acute now."

Mr. Yakovenko acknowledged that the current unrest there was a domestic affair, to be dealt with by the Palestinians themselves. Yet, Russia and other international mediators will continue, including in coordination with the PA leadership, to make diplomatic efforts toward a comprehensive settlement in the region, in compliance with the international law, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman pointed out